Festival season!

Posted on 09 May 2016

Yay!  Finally festival season is upon us and with festival season comes many on fleek outfits.. Here’s a list of my festival absolutely-must haves <3

Gold tattoos!  They complete any festival outfit, and honestly, where else can you actually wear them?


There’s no denying that crop tops are back in fashion and there’s no better place to wear them than at a festival!  This gorgeous Froccupy crop top is perfect for festival season. Shop this crop top and more fabulous tops here.


Nails – If you don’t sort them out you’ll end up looking like a hobo.. But don't fret, there are loads of awesome tutorials on youtube you can watch to save the day.


Big-ass Necklaces.. Again, festivals are the one place you can wear whatever the hell you want. We <3 this turquoise stone necklace. Shop the look here. If Kendall Jenner can, so can we ;) 


A kimono is essential in my books, it shades you from the sun in the day and keeps you warm(ish) at night. It even makes for a good picnic blanket when you need to keep the mud off your white shorts!  Shop more looks like this here.


Hair braids – totally in right now, and who wants their hair in their face at a festival anyway! 


Whether it's for fashion or for function, sunglasses are your best friend at a festival, especially after the make-up situation starts going downhill!


And last but not least, Wellies. Festivals can get preeeetty muddy, and god knows what else you might end up standing on!


I’ll leave you with some tips that I wish I had for my first festival – bring hand sanitizer, leave your handbag at home, go for liquid eyeliner instead of pencil (Unless you want to look like a panda halfway through the day) and don’t worry about how you look so much, everyone’s drunk!

Eli X

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